The NLP research group at the Institute of Information Systems Engineering of TU Wien is an interdisciplinary team of natural language experts.


Our paper on Offensive text detection across languages and datasets using rule-based and hybrid methods, presented by Kinga GĂ©mes at AIMLAI at CIKM, has just been published in the workshop's proceedings, here.


POTATO at CIKM'22 — Adam presented the exPlainable infOrmation exTrAcTion framewOrk at the demo session of CIKM in Atlanta. Read our paper here.


Explainable lexical entailment with semantic graphs — Our article has been published in Natural Language Engineering. It is available under Open Access here.


POTATO on TDS — Adam published a blogpost about POTATO on Towards Data Science


POTATO release 0.0.8 — For our submission to the ACL 2022 Demo track we have released a new version of the POTATO framework


POTATO presentation — Adam presented the POTATO tool at our first seminar of 2022, there's a video, slides, and a paper.